Sunday, 20 June 2010


I would like to say sorry to my sister, Nora Tagore. Well, she has bought me a shoes from Germany, I have been using it for 5 month. I am not sure how much did the shoes price but I am the person who cannot keep my own stuffs even the one that my sister has bought it for me. This shoes look pretty bad because I often wear it. It is not as good as the first time you sent it to me. I am sorry babe :(

Let's begin with a new blog!

It's pretty a long time for me to stop blogging. Sorry guys I've deleted all my last post because I want to begin with a new blog again but I didn't know how to delete this blog so I decided to delete all the last post that I had before but I am back now!

This was due to the bunch of school work. I've lots of fucking exam that was really made me going to crazy.I just can’t handle everything at one time, that’s why i decided to leave blog for a while. It's not for a while actually but it took a long time since March, am i right?

I'll be back when i've a free time again. It's 4:18 am and I am still awake.

Rika Tagore