Sunday, 24 October 2010

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Exam is OVER!

Well done! Exam is totally over right now, I was shopping alone at "The Spring". I like to shop alone rather than my friends are accompanying me shop :) I bought 2 skinny jeans, 3 T-shirts and 1 short pants. After I've reached home I cleaned my room especially tidy up my clothes. I found that I've 8 short pants with same model at here and I just realised it! How about my pants at Jakarta? It will be more than this and now I got confuse because I don't know how can I bring back all my clothes and things to Jakarta? I'm going back on December! :) So here, I want to share same pictures with you. Enjoy it!

Blue Polka dot dress - Paper Box. Heels - Charles & keith

Saturday, 16 October 2010


I just received some email from AirAsia. My flight is delay from 19.00 change to 22.00. I am totally pissed off because I need to wait my flight alone! I have no idea what should I do at Kuala Lumpur. Shopping? Walk around? :(

I took some pictures, It's a simple style anyway

Shirt - Mango, Pants - Zara, Shoes - Converse


Rika Tagore

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

alive but unwell

Flu, Cough attack me in one time and I am having exam some more! I cannot stand with these sickness because it makes me cannot concentrate on study at all. Well, I've to try my best. Tomorrow I will have chemistry exam. It is not an easy test for me because I need to study all those freaking chapter by myself. I hate chemistry, I just don't get why I don't like this subject. Most of people told me it's an interesting subject. It's for you guys, not for me :) So here! I took some pictures, I might look short on this picture, I am short actually. I am sorry for the low quality photo-taking because it's a quick shoot. I don't have so much time to spend on taking pictures, exam is waiting for me! I will try to upload every single style everyday. Enjoy it!

Blue tank top - Topshop. White sport shoes - rhumell. Blue high waist - online shopping


Rika Tagore

Monday, 11 October 2010


Hey there! I am really stress that I need to take my chemistry paper 1 and 2 for my mock exam. I told to my teacher that I did bad on my paper 3 that's why I decided not to take it. She doesn't allow it :( She called me to continue remaining paper. She said I did really well on my paper 3. Well, It's just my luck if i did well. I hope I can concentrate on my chemistry paper 1 and 2 because I don't really like to learn chemistry. It's totally confusing me. All the best :)

Charles & Keith heels, Body & Soul pants, Zara blouse


Rika Tagore


There was nothing special on yesterday. I ended up to the Swinburne University and studying at tutorial room. I was headache to think whether do I need to take Chemistry test or not.Isn't 10.10.10 special for you guys? How was your day? I don't have any special on that day. Maybe most of you were going out for dating but not for me. I am single and enjoying myself. I did take some pictures that I would like to post it. Enjoy it guys! :)

Hells - bought at Singapore. Blazer - Forever 21 - Dress - Online


Rika Tagore

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Sunday Morning!

Today's weather is really good, the sky is really bright and it's really good for hang out. I didn't go to anywhere for my weekend because I am stuck at home with my tons of examination! I've planned what will I do after I've finished my test. I bought 2 dresses and 1 high-waist for myself yesterday. There are pretty cute and i like it so much. I'll take the picture next time :)
zara short pants - bought online shoes - H&M blue shirt - Forever 21 blue blazer - online accessories

i love my hair style in this picture :)

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Floral Print

Being different isn't easy. Just be the way you're :)

all stuffs are bought online :)


Rika Tagore

Installation Night!

here is the some pictures that I took during Indonesia Club's dinner :)

Left to right, April - Irene - Rika - Jessie - Stephanie

I took it just for fun, I couldn't take any alcoholic drinks :(

I love you guys :)


Rika Tagore

Friday, 8 October 2010

Hold on me

The weather at Malaysia this few days totally bad. I guess it happens at Indonesia too. It keeps raining all the time and suddenly hot, rain, hot and rain. I don't know what's happening actually. Is this call global warming? Most of my classmates are sick because of this weather! It's killing us, it makes us sick easily.

So, this is my outfit for today, actually I prefer to wear dress instead of wear skirt. It doesn't well-matched on me but I've tried to match it with my style. I hope you'll like it :)

vintage floral blouse - zara, red skirt- unbranded , heels - online shop

accessories -forever 21, unbranded, online shopping


Rika Tagore

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Indonesian Club

Here! I joined Indonesian Club's dinner last saturday. It was fun. I met all Indonesian Students who are studying at Kuching, Sarawak. This event was held on Banquet near by Boulevard shopping center. There were a lot of Lodge International Students. Big thanks to Ella who is the President of Indonesian Club and has invited me on this party.

Dress - unbranded, Hells - my second sister's, Bag - Mango

Some pictures of mine which is i would like to share to you guys :)


I met my work mate when I was working at 100 yen. I miss her (Wendy), she was having her friend's farewell party and this picture is taken by her boyfriend, Hocan. Thank you!

Banquet - Saturday, 02 October 2010.

An awesome day at Indonesia

Do you love Indonesia? Yes, I do. An awesome country for me!

Actually, I went back to Indonesia last month because I had some emergency problems. I love Indonesia, my country is totally awesome, many types of food, different kind of people, different kind of cultures! I miss my family there. I cannot wait for December after I've finished my examinations :) Hello Jakarta and gotta say good bye to Malaysia!

Final Examinations

It has been a long time that I didn't write and showed my feelings on BLOG! I was busy and preparing for my final examination. I am facing of those freaking exams right now. It's totally pissed my off because I've tons of pages and papers that I need to study. Well, I will try my best and never give up :)

From left to right - Aryani - Florence - Me - Evon - Jessica - Mary - Iris

This picture was taken on our school dinner. It was held around July/August. It is an old picture actually but I just want to share with you guys. I love them, they are awesome for me! :)

Heels - Charles and Keith , Belt - Mango, Bag - Mango, Dress - Unbranded, Jacket - Mango