Tuesday, 12 October 2010

alive but unwell

Flu, Cough attack me in one time and I am having exam some more! I cannot stand with these sickness because it makes me cannot concentrate on study at all. Well, I've to try my best. Tomorrow I will have chemistry exam. It is not an easy test for me because I need to study all those freaking chapter by myself. I hate chemistry, I just don't get why I don't like this subject. Most of people told me it's an interesting subject. It's for you guys, not for me :) So here! I took some pictures, I might look short on this picture, I am short actually. I am sorry for the low quality photo-taking because it's a quick shoot. I don't have so much time to spend on taking pictures, exam is waiting for me! I will try to upload every single style everyday. Enjoy it!

Blue tank top - Topshop. White sport shoes - rhumell. Blue high waist - online shopping


Rika Tagore

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